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“…What was special about this class is that it was not just a transfer of information, but a rite of passage…We’re looking forward to the birth now and seeing our birth not just as a procedure which has to happen, but as a journey into parenthood. It gave us confidence.”

“Your sincere and heartfelt passion for this work really comes through.  Thank you!”

“You showed us how to be strong, and how to surrender to that strength.  Thank you for everything you gave and all that you are.”

“I became overwhelmed with gratitude for all the work you have done for so many women, babies, families — for so many years.  And I am especially grateful and joyful that we took your class, and shared in the blessings of your compassionate wisdom.  While reading your eloquent “Everything I Will Ever Need in Life I Learned From My Childbirth Class,” I really felt the deep truth in each one of your affirmations.  Such DIVINE wisdom you have!  Wow.  You have really distilled it all down into something that can be taken in, and the truth of it all becomes more clear to me as time passes.  I can feel it more in my body, in my flesh and bones and spirit — much more than when I read the words during my pregnancy.  Such is the way, after one crosses the threshold.  This is a magical, ever transformative journey…there’s no turning back now!
“So, as I sit here all weepy, and oozing with juicy wild hormones and gratitude and bliss, I must thank you once again for BEING.  Know that you are a blessing, a rockin’ bhodisatva birth warrior wisewoman goddess shapeshifter healer teacher mama!!  And I feel very lucky to know you.” — K.P.

childbirth class marin mothers susan bradford testimonial 400“I just want to thank you for the amazing past 9 weeks.  I looked forward to each class.  It became such a wonderful ritual and I loved being around you, everyone else, and spending that time with Jonathan.  I always felt like I was prepared for childbirth because its something that I’ve thought about for a long time, but now I feel like I am more prepared mentally and emotionally than I could have ever imagined.  Thank you so much for creating the space and energy to help me get to where I am now.  Now I’m just so curious on how my birth story will unfold!!!  I wish every couple could be as blessed as we are to have experienced the birth journey with you, what an amazing world it would be if everyone had that kind of exposure to the love, support and trust that can surround birth!!!” — A.W.

“I want you to know that all we were able to learn from you in our 9 weeks together rang so true and made us open, strong, and as prepared as we could be for the greatest transformation on this earth: Birth (I capitalize the B in Birth because to me it is a word/process that has to be honored). Seriously though, after my son came through, one of our midwives commented on how beautifully we worked together as a unit, and she said that our birth education/preparation shone through…..we were able to do that because of our time with you. For that we are so so so grateful. It makes tears come to my eyes still, 4 weeks later, when I think of it and when I think of you. We love you, Susan.” — A.H.

“…you’d like to know I held your clay charm through my whole labor!”  — K.K.

“I was the nurse at one of your couple’s birth last night. What a dynamic couple. I was with them for a little while before I found out they took your class! I felt your presence during the birth because I know they were well prepared for their birth journey by you. No words to describe how incredible and amazing they were as a couple welcoming their little one.” — L&D nurse at MGH

“Very exciting indeed. So much change right around the corner. Thank you for all of your loving guidance we are feeling ready!” — P.P.

“We will definitely have your presence here in spirit and are so so very grateful for all the knowledge/wisdom/experience/healing on all levels you have given us to approach our birth experience with. Thank you! And of course we will send an email to our Birth Journey team, so you all can light a candle for us.” — M.M.

childbirth-class-marin-parents-susan-bradford-testimonial-500“We really enjoyed the class. It was a wonderful journey for the two of us as a couple and for the three of us as a family. I feel so calm and ready for labor and birth and I would never have felt this way without the long 9 week session and all of your insights, teaching and class experiences. Thank you so much. PS we will be contacting you to lead our Welcoming Ceremony.” — Love, A&D

“Thank you for your wonderful presence and the space that you hold for us.

“Your class is presented with a lot of heartfelt love and tenderness. Both times I’ve felt very ‘held’ as a pregnant mama. And I always love and appreciate the snacks and tea. Everyone I talked to who has been to your classes feels as prepared as its possible to be. You do a great service empowering couples for their births. You bring a reverence to the birth journey that we should all hold dear to our hearts. Our little ones deserve it as we do, to take the time to honor the miracle of life & these incredible beings that come to us! God knows it is hard to find time once they are here!” — C.U.

“Thank you so much for a wonderfully informative, empowering class! We both feel much more aware and prepared about many things that the traditional medical model would not have provided. We also appreciated the sense of community created by the class. The Holistic Newborn Care and Breast Feeding Basics classes were also extremely beneficial and informative. We are both so grateful.” — S&K

“Thank you so much Susan for informing us in such a loving and unique way. We will treasure our time spent in your class for the rest of our lives!!!” — W&B

“Susan‘s class helped ups prepare thoroughly for birth in all its physical, emotional and spiritual aspects. She is one of the best teachers we have ever had and looked forward to each and every class. Thank you so much for being such a guiding light in our birth journey.” — K

“Your storytelling was so excellent. I feel like I got a chance to be a young indigenous/tribal person learning from an elder. You are a true mentor/elder/wisdom keeper!” — C.C.

“We owe Susan huge hug and thank-you! We would have not be able to do it without Susan’s course and guidance.” — J.M.

“Thanks Susan! Miss you! Soon we can start to organize for a class reunion. All the babies have been born! I have been getting together with some of the girls from our class for hikes and hangouts at the park in Fairfax. I would love to see you soon and introduce you to my baby! He is just so damn cute. I will send you a photo! Hope you are doing well and enjoying your current round of students. Your class is so meaningful and really provides a great place to honor the birth and parental journey.” — A.H.

“I painted this while I was pregnant and it was definitely inspired by the concept you gave us of surrendering and “opening like a flower”.  Ironically this was the biggest challenge of my birthing experience even though I fully embraced this concept.  In reflection I realize that the opening had to start long before labor. I am surrendered to the present moment.  Thank you again for your generous graceful energy.  I believe you were a healthy light in the bond we have built into being parents together.” — A.D.

“My husband said, ‘Don’t you feel so much happier after just being near Susan?’ To which I heartily agreed. Your new place had such a warm, inviting vibe, I’d like to just come and hang out and eat fruit with you all day.” — E.G.

“Susan I just want to thank you all of these years later for your work both with the new moon moms and your labor preparation class (circa 2004!). We were just in Fairfax and I pointed out the space where you had the class to my daughter. Such an incredible time in life, with so many important memories and the work I/we did with you was so essential for me/us. It’s hard to believe it has been 6 years, and everyday it is still such a blessing to be a parent. I have you to thank for preparing such a deep and joyful space for us to step into this. This was exactly the work I wanted for this time and I was so blessed that you were there providing this.” — J.F.

“We just sat and talked about how much we feel we’ve gained by having you here today…thank you for sharing your time and wisdom with us. It was powerful to be guided by you and we only wish we could have you at our birth! Though- we are grateful to have had the pleasure of your company in our home. You have such a kind spirit and it’s quite obvious you love what you do.” — R.R.

“Thank you so much for all of your great teaching! I don’t know what we would have done without you. And I as always will spread the word about your wonderful classes and services. I’ll also keep you posted when the baby is born.” — L.R.

childbirth-class-marin-parents-fathers-babies-testimonial-500“Both of us wanted you to know how much we loved your class!  We can’t stop talking about it.  We went to dinner with his family after and he could not stop telling them about it all.  He was excited before and he is way beyond that after meeting with you.  We love the ice exercise that you did!  It was really interesting to see what worked well for me and it made me feel better about the labor experience because I know what I am comfortable with now.   You gave us so much helpful information about everything from our fears and birth plan, to after the baby comes and what our options are. Anyway, I could go on and on about it, but thank you, thank you, thank you.  I am so excited about the experience to come and AM SO EXCITED to meet our baby.  It makes me cry to think about it.  I am so happy we chose to do your birth class and have a doula and can’t wait to see what will come.  I will keep you guys posted how things go with baby turning!! Thanks again.  You are so wonderful at what you do and have given us even more excitement and tools to go into this with.” — B.W.

“Thank you so much for your time today with me. It was SO helpful, and truly felt like fine-tuning my orientation as to what is to come, and where I need to go inside myself to flourish in the process of birthing my baby boy.  Thank you, thank you. What a clear and lovely person you are.” — C.S.

“It was great seeing you last Sunday! I want to say thank you! Thank you so much for everything you did for us. I’m so very grateful that our paths crossed three years ago, and the time we were able to spend with you before the twin’s birth. You made it so much more special with the knowledge and guidance you provided us. You’ve got a special place in all our hearts.” — B.L.B.

“First of all, I wanted to say THANK YOU for all your love and support while we were in Marin.  You are such an amazing, inspiring and beautiful woman.  I feel honored that I was able to be in a little piece of your life.” — D.W.

“From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for your love and care and experience during this time of our lives. The invaluable advice before his birth, and the calm and confidence you brought to the hospital gave us the birth we wanted. I would recommend your services to anyone having a baby, it’s truly beautiful that you can all use your talents to help people in this way.” — J.W.

“I am very disappointed that I never got to meet Susan. I had scheduled a private birthing class with her, and ended up delivering my son at 32 weeks. Susan was so kind and checked in on me frequently even though I had to cancel our sessions. It was a very difficult time, and I appreciated her kindness and advice on how to stay centered while my husband and I sat in the hospital for two weeks dealing with the unknown of how it would all pan out. Thank you, Susan, for your kindness during a stressful time.” — M.R.

“Sending gratitude and hugs to the Bay Area to the most amazing doula and women’s advocate Susan Bradford. I think of you all the time but especially on the kids’ birthdays.” — H.P.

“What a difference a tub and a doula makes. I thought of you every part of the way and kept visualizing you there. You were truly my inspiration!!” — K.G.