Pregnancy Circle

Waxing Moon Mamas


Come share sacred space with other pregnant women as you journey towards motherhood.  In this circle we honor the sacred vessel you are.  We will explore and celebrate the act of creatively growing and courageously bringing life through your body.

For six weeks your circle will share ritual, song, movement, crafts, the talking stick and visualization to work and play around pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

This circle can be the seedling group for your ongoing women’s circle.  The Second trimester (13 to 24 weeks) is a great time to start, but all are welcome at anytime of your pregnancy!

2023 CIRCLES: 6-weeks / Small Group
Mondays 6:30 – 9:30pm

  • I: March 18 – April 22, 2024
  • II: August 5 – September 9, 2024

Please note: Dates may change slightly.

Circle Fee: $215 (art materials included).

CALL to REGISTER or use Paypal below. Please refer to the Childbirth Series schedule for all Course dates and times



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The Birth Journey
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— Include your due date and practitioner and place you plan to be giving birth

* There are no refunds for non-attendance. If you need to make up a missed class you can arrange a private phone class at $25/hour.


pregnant mothers circle marin prayer flag

“I wanted to tell you that our waxing moon prayer flag project resulted in my mom making me a really special and powerful flag to add to my strand.  She made a beautiful collage using photographs of my maternal lineage — my two maternal great grandmothers, my maternal grandmother and then a photo of her holding me when I was 1 day old.  My mom included buttons that had belonged to my great grandmother and pieces of tulle from my grandmother’s wedding dress and other little bits of relics.  I truly felt watched over by all of the women of my family who’d gone before me through the birth process.  I didn’t want my mom to be at the birth but asking her to make me a flag was really sweet for both of us and resulted in such a meaningful keepsake.  Thank you again for the wonderful experience of our waxing moon group and the breastfeeding class. I had a really positive experience and appreciated having the space to reflect and celebrate my pregnancy and prepare for the birth.” — D.B.