Birth Ceremonies, Hypnotherapy & Other Services

I am available for private consultations about any childbirth related needs. Some of my services include Birth Blessings, Baby Welcoming Ceremonies, Private childbirth classes, Refresher classes, Hypnotherapy, and Birth Process Art sessions.

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Birth Blessing & Baby Welcoming Ceremonies

I facilitate Birth Blessing and Baby Welcoming ceremonies that celebrate, honor and support those about to give birth and for the “wee ones” who have just arrived here. I collaborate to make it very meaningful and personal for those being honored.

Private Childbirth Classes & Consultations

For those not able to take the group childbirth series, due to bedrest, conflicting dates or whatever reason I can offer private customized childbirth preparation classes at my office (or at your home for bed rest clients).

Refresher Classes

For couples about to have their second (or third or more) baby I can help you prepare. We can review the previous birth(s) and go over important information about labor you may have forgotten and envision what you would like to bring to this upcoming birth.

“We really valued our time with you so much. It really grounded me back in the power and beauty of the birth process and helped us feel united as a team.” —  L&G


As a Certified Hypnotherapist I offer my services for all childbirth related issues — physical and emotional.

Birth Process Art Sessions

I offer private sessions in Birth Process Art as a powerful way to access inner wisdom in a creative and spontaneous way that can often bring  surprising results.

Please Contact me for any requests or questions you may have about any of the listed services.